cdwfs: A program transformation tool for
computing the D-WFS semantics with constraints

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cdwfs is a system for computing the D-WFS semantics of first order disjunctive logic programs with constraints.
This system has been developed as a part of the research project DisLoP funded by DFG.

Some papers you should read on D-WFS with constraints:

The cdwfs program computes from an input program the residual program or program remainder, from which the D-WFS semantics can be read off directly.
cdwfs was written in Eclipse Prolog by Oliver Obst and Frieder Stolzenburg.

You can get the prototype implementation with brief documentation (postscript and also plain text) and examples as a gzipped tar file.

If you have questions or comments, please send an email to Frieder Stolzenburg or Oliver Obst.

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