Generating Test Cases from Graph Problems

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This system has been developed as a part of the research project DisLoP funded by DFG.

The form below can be used to generate sets of ground clauses which provide interesting test cases for propositional theorem provers. The idea is the following: a graph and an NP-complete problem are selected and then from the graph a set of clauses is generated so that the clause set has a model iff there is a solution for the given problem for this particular graph.

You can choose between two different representations of the clause set:

Note: The graphs are generated using TheoryBase, a program developed at the University of Kentucky, which creates graphs of different types on the basis of the Stanford GraphBase by D. Knuth.

To specify the graph that you want to use, select a graph type and then use the parameters to select one specific graph of that type. If you need more information on the graph types and their parameters, please follow this link.
Graph type:

Please select a graph problem to encode. Click here for an overview of the problems available and the encodings of the problems.

Format of the output file (see above for details):

Prolog mm style

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