mm: an implementation for
minimal model and circumscriptive reasoning

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mm is an implementation of the tableau-based method for automating minimal model and circumscriptive reasoning. This system has been developed as a part of the research project DisLoP funded by DFG. This system has been described in detail in:

mm accepts inputs in clausal form and implements parallel circumscription in the propositional case: any combination of minimized, fixed, and varying atoms is possible.

mm works as follows:

  • If a query is specified, then mm returns "query succeeded" if the query is true in every minimal model of the given clauses (parallel circumscription) and otherwise it returns one/all (depending on the query mode) "counter-models" it finds (minimal models of the clauses where the query is false).
  • If no query is given, mm returns one/all minimal models of the clauses it finds.

    mm is written in Eclipse Prolog by Ilkka Niemelä and Katrin Erk.

    The prototype implementation and some test cases are available as a gzipped tar file. For more details, see the user's guide.

    If you have questions or comments, please send an email to Ilkka Niemelä or Katrin Erk.


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