Inference-Mechanisms in
Theory and Applications

(Sept 16, 3pm-6.30pm, and Sept 17, 11am-0.30am)

as part of the

German Annual Conference
Artificial Intelligence

(in connection with GMDS '98 and UI '98)

Bremen, Germany
September 15 - 18, 1998


Organizers: Juergen Dix (Koblenz) and Steffen Hoelldobler (Dresden),
representing the Chapter on Inference-Systems of the
Fachbereich 1 (Artificial Intelligence) of the
Gesellschaft für Informatik

Programme committee: Gerd Brewka (Leipzig)
Juergen Dix (Koblenz)
Steffen Hoelldobler (Dresden)
Rudolf Kruse (Magdeburg)
Wolfgang Reif (Ulm)
Peter Struss (Muenchen)

This workshop is a common event of the Fachausschuss for Inferencesystems and the speakers of its adjoint groups (Deductionsystems, Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Qualitative and model-based Reasoning, Fuzzy-Systems and Knowledge Representation). Unfortunately, due to the specialization-tendency in all parts of Artificial Intelligence and the growing number of specialized conferences and workshops, people working in our area (Inferencesystems) often do not know what is going on in neighbouring fields. We would like to provide a forum where researchers can learn about how methods in their own field can be successfully adapted to other domains or they can use how standard techniques developed in other fields. The central topic of our workshop is to present and critically discuss the current trends in the various groups mentioned above. Emphasis is put on common techniques, similarities and close relationships in these areas.

We solicit papers in the broad areas of:

Submissions should be limited to 10 pages (excluding title page and references) of standard LaTeX 12pt article format, either hardcopy (4 copies) or electronic (postscript files only). Electronic submissions are preferred.
We also accept position papers, overviews or critical ratings of current approaches. Papers leading to lively discussions are highly welcome. Submissions should be sent to either of the program chairs:

Participation to all workshops that are part of the KI '98 Conference requires to regularly attend and register either for the KI Conference, or the GMDS annual meeting or the UI Symposium. There are no additional fees for workshops.

Proceedings will appear as Technical Report of the University of Koblenz-Landau and made available at the WS. Authors of accepted papers are required to submitt a final version according to the Springer LNCS guidelines (10 pt). The submission can vary between 10 and 30 pages. Please send the final version in mid August to Juergen Dix.

Detailed Programme:


Sept 16, 3pm
1. Integrating TPS with Omega
C. Benzmueller, V. Sorge
2. A multi-modi Proof Planner
L. Cheikhrouhou
3. Bridging Gaps in Models of Expertise
K. Ranze, H. Stuckenschmidt
4. Learning fuzzy rules from Data
F. Klawonn, A. Keller
5. Knowledge-based systems on the move
-- Application of qualitative modeling and
model-based diagnosis to car subsystems
P. Struss
Sept 17, 3pm
6. Non-Monotonic Reasoning about and within spatial images
J. Aparico, J. Santos
7. Intelligent web querying with logic programs
B. Thomas
8. SIC: For an interactive design of Satisfiable Integrity Constraints
(System Description)

F. Bry, N. Eisinger, H. Schuetz, S. Torge


 Papers Due on May 15, 1998
Author Notification: May 31, 1998
Final version Due on: August 17, 1998
KI '98 Conference: September 15-17, 1998
Our WS, Part 1: September 15, 3pm-6.30pm
Our WS, Part 2: September 16, 11am-0.30pm
GMDS '98: September 14-16, 1998
UI '98: September 16-18, 1998

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