Accepted Papers


  • J. Leite and L. Pereira:
    Generalizing Updates: From Models to Programs
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  • A. Yahya:
    Updates in Disjunctive Deductive Databases: A Minimal Model Based Approach
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  • R. Li, L. Pereira and V. Dahl:
    Refining Action Theories Through Abductive Logic Programming
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  • E. Lamma, M. Milano, P. Mello and F. Riguzzi:
    A System for Learning Abductive Logic Programs
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  • K. Wang:
    Abduction, argumentation and bi-disjunctive LP
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  • G. Brewka:
    Preferred Answer Sets
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  • M. Gelfond and T.C. Son:
    Reasoning with Prioritized Defaults
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  • Derrick Kheden:
    A Model Based Semantics for Integrity in Deductive Databases
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  • Greco, N. Leone and F. Scarcello:
    Disjunctive Datalog with Nested Rules
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  • D. Seipel:
    Partial Evidential Stable Models for Disjunctive Databases
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  • L.-Y. Yuan and J.-H. You:
    An Introspective Logic of Belief
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