Logic Programming

as part of the

International Workshop on Nonmonotonic Reasoning

(in connection with KR '98)

Trento, Italy
May 30 - June 1, 1998

The logic programming track is one of a series of 5 workshops comprising the 7th International Workshop on Non-monotonic Reasoning to be held from May 30th to June 1st. These tracks will run in parallel during the second day of the workshop. The central topic of this track is logic programming and its extensions as they relate to non-monotonic reasoning.

We solicit papers in the broad areas of:

Bob Kowalski (Imperial College, London, UK) will give an invited talk on

Submissions should be limited to 10 pages (excluding title page and references) of standard LaTeX 12pt article format, either hardcopy (4 copies) or electronic (postscript files only). Electronic submissions are preferred. Final papers, limited to 25 pages, will be distributed at the meeting. Submissions should be sent to either of the program chairs:

Journal Publication: Selected papers of the workshop will be published (after an additional refereeing process) in a special Issue of the Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence.

Participation to all workshops that are part of the NMR-Workshop is limited and by invitation only. People wishing to attend without submitting a paper should submit a short description of their research plans and previous accomplishments. Authors of accepted papers to the logic programming track will be invited to participate in all the events associated with the Non-monotonic Reasoning Workshop -- the plenary sessions and the other tracks. Others wishing to attend should submitt a short description of their current research and/or previous accomplishments.

ACCEPTED PAPERS: Out of 13 submissions we selected 6 papers for presentation at the conference:
1. Nested Expressions in Logic Programs
V. Lifschitz, L. Tang, H. Turner
2. Disjunctive LP = Horn Program + Control Program
U. Furbach, Wenjin Lue
3. Learning with Extended Logic Programs
E. Lamma, Riguzzi, P. Mello, L.M. Pereira
4. Argumentation and Cooperation for Distributed Extended LP
I. de Mora, J.J. Alferes, M. Schroeder
5. The WFS is the Principle of Inductive Definition
M. Denecker
6. An Empirical Study of 3-valued Kripke-Kleene ...
C. Giannelli, J. Schlipf

SCHEDULE: The LP-Track takes place on Sunday, May 31. Talks are scheduled for 30 minutes, including a 5-10 minutes discussion. Please have a look at the PREFACE which contains the detailed schedule.

Travel Support AAAI is providing travel support for a limited number of participating students. Preference will be given to students presenting a paper and to students from overseas. Applications for student support should be sent electronically to one of the co-chairs of the NMR-WS (Ilkka Niemelae or Gerhard Brewka). They should include address of home university, estimation of travel costs and, if applicable, title of paper presented at NM'98.


     Papers Due on March 2, 1998
    Author Notification: April 6, 1997
    Final version Due on: May 6, 1998
    KR '98 Conference: June 2-5, 1998
    NMR '98 Workshop: May 30 - June 1, 1998
    LP Track: May 31, 1998

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