How to Contact me

Office:Room 210
Mail:Julius-Albert-Strasse 4
Phone:+49 5323 727118

What I am Interested in

Database Concepts and Technologies

XML Data Processing Data Dependencies Dependency Discovery Integrity Constraints Logic in Databases Automated Reasoning Ontologies Query Optimisation Inference-based Access Control Data Streams

Optimal Discrete Structures and Algorithms

Combinatorial Design Theory Constructions Asymptotic Existence Graph Decompositions Orthogonal Double Covers Supersimple Designs Path Algebras Allocation Algorithms

Information Systems and Services

Conceptual Modelling Secure Data Exchange Outsourced Databases Service Composition Geospatial Services Life Science Databases Scientific Workflows Cloud Computing

What I am Teaching

Undergraduate Courses

Graduate Courses

Former teaching experience includes courses on Data Modelling Database Development Algorithms and Databases in Bioinformatics Design and Development of Web-based Information Systems Principles of Information Systems Management Information Systems Information Systems Design Information Systems Security Cryptography Combinatorics of Databases Operations Research Discrete Optimisation Neural Networks and Applications Portfolio Management Game Theory in Finance Mathematics for Computer Science students Mathematics for Business students Allocation Theory Stability Theory

What I've been Doing


since 2002: Deputy Director (New Zealand Information Science Research Centre)
since 2008: Honorary Research Fellow (Massey U)

Academic Positions

since 2008: Full Professor (Clausthal U of Technology, tenured)
2007: Full Professor (Massey U, tenured)
2002-2006: Associate Professor (Massey U, tenured)
1995-2002: Assistant Professor (U Rostock)
1993-1995: PhD student in mathematics (U Rostock)
1988-1993: Masters student in mathematics and business (U Rostock and U Grenoble)
1969-1988: baby, child, school boy, highschool student (all Berlin)

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